The Team


We are a team of multidisciplinary, modern fine art, wedding and creative lifestyle photographers who are passionate in our field. We take the art of photography very seriously.  As life would have it, every subject has a story. And it is in their story that makes it a privilege for us photographers to translate their journey through beautiful imagery, through photographs that speak for themselves.

Reflective Chemistry stands for life and everything that encompasses it. We stand for capturing fond memories that can never be replaced.


He & She

Czy Reputana and Drew Europeo are the dynamic duo that spearheads the Reflective Chemistry Team. Their craft focuses on modern fine art wedding and creative lifestyle photography. They are passionate, skillful, professional photographers that deliver beautiful, understated photographs that never fail to disappoint.


Czy took a big leap of faith when he decided to make a radical switch from being a Procurement Officer in Malacañang to being a full time Photographer. He has always been fascinated with interesting imageries that express ideas, and it was this fascination of the art that made him take the big plunge in the field of photography.  All it took was a camera and a ‘click’ to make him realize his true calling. To him, the art of photography is something that awakens his spirit, jolts his creative mind…  compelling him to capture photos that “speak”.


Drew is blessed to follow her dreams of becoming a designer. She first started out as a Print Designer, then became a Web Designer, and then as an Illustrator. Photography for her is something that refreshes her creativity in the world of Design. She derives her ideas from emotions and thru the art of photography, because to her, it is in powerful still images where emotions could be felt. The world of Design is and will always be where her heart is. Illustrations, hues, graphics and the arts are her passion.  Combine her design forte with the skilful art of photography and we get ourselves beautiful imageries.

On a side note, you may check out Drew’s illustrations in, a website that she founded which also showcases her non-commercial works of graphic illustrations and artful photography. Her site has been featured abroad and eventually earned her clients from international shores.


As teenagers back in the day, they both moved in different circles. They were high school batch mates who never really got the chance to know each other. But as life happened, through an event, both discovered a common ground.

He likes the light (“photo”) and she loves to draw (“graph”)… put together, they make drawings with light 🙂  Makes so much sense, doesn’t it?

And so they became, REFLECTIVE CHEMISTRY.

Drew Europeo & Czy Reputana.

**Reflective Chemistry does weddings, destination shoots, engagements, advertising, lifestyle, portraiture & corporate events. Feel free to contact us.